Dentures and Their Benefits

By Bruce E. Hanley DDS
August 25, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: dentures  

Find out what dentures can do for you and your smile.

So, you want to get dentures? Or, at the very least, you want to determine whether dentures are the right way to restore your smile after tooth loss. Many adults turn to dentures for a variety of reasons. Here are the top benefits that have people turning to our Arlington, VA, dentist Dr. Bruce Hanley for dentures,

Restore functionality back into your mouth

You need your teeth and jaws to be able to speak and chew; however, if you are dealing with severe tooth loss then you will certainly notice issues with chewing and speaking.

Depending on the extent of your tooth loss, you may also deal with other complications such as a speech impediment, problems fully chewing food and nutritional deficiencies. By getting dentures you can improve how your mouth functions as a whole.

Boost your self-confidence

Who doesn’t want to feel more confident in their smile? Of course, if you have large gaps between your teeth then you may be hiding your smile or avoiding social activities as a result. Dentures can boost your appearance and your confidence, making it easier to smile again.

An inexpensive solution for tooth loss

If you need to replace several or even all of your teeth, then you may be feeling a bit nervous about the cost of your dental care. Our Arlington, VA, family dentist and his team can work with you to find an affordable solution that will make you happy. Many people choose to get dentures because they are the most inexpensive treatment option.

A more conservative treatment approach

Some patients are looking for the simplest way to get a full smile back. They don’t want to go through multiple procedures or wait months or even a year for their teeth. Their main goal when it comes to treating tooth loss is to get their new teeth right away. In this case, dentures are going to be the best option. Most patients can get their new teeth in about 3-4 weeks without having to go through invasive procedures or surgery.

Do you have questions about dentures? Want to discuss your treatment options with your Arlington, VA, restorative dentist. If so, call (703) 524-7100 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Bruce Hanley.